Case Studies

Effective Energy Efficiency in an Industrial Sector

Energy saving project - Brodhead Creek case study

Customer: Brodhead Creek Regional Authority - Energy Conservation Measure Project

Location: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18360

Date: April 11, 2016

The kWh reduction demonstrated by the BPU technology during the M&V period was 29.41% which exceeds the projected 11% kWh savings communicated to BCRA.

The kWh savings realized have little relation to any improvement in Power Factor as the BCRA had an average PF of 0.843 in the Baseline Period. The BPU technology improved this PF by 6.4% to an average of 0.897. This is further evidence that our unit is not simply a Power Factor Correction Device.

KW consumption and Power Factor are only few of the benefits provided by BPUTM.