Case Studies

Improving Energy Power Efficiency in an Industrial Warehouse

Energy consumption project - Chicken Express case study

Customer: Chicken Express Refrigeration Warehouse - Power Quality Report

Location: Highpoint Business Park in Burleson, Texas

Date: November 8, 2014

The BPU model I-480-2 was installed on November 8, 2014. This BPU was wired into the electrical panel in parallel without any interruption to the plant. The unit was turned on at that time, however m with certified electrical probes. This device is certified for collecting and recording electrical power data. This report contains the results of improved power efficiency based on measured power usage data post installation.

A timed test was performed with the BPU both “On” and “Off”. The Location revealed a cumulative energy savings, measured in kW (active power), of 25%. Power Factor increased by from an average of .810 to an average of .997.

KW consumption and Power Factor is only few of the benefits provided by BPU