Case Studies

Improving Energy Conservation in an Industrial Building

Energy efficiency project - Cobian’s Plaza case study

Customer: Cobian’s Plaza

Location: Cobian’s Plaza, Puerto Rico

Date: September 17, 2015

Basic Power typically analyzes kW; W-Hours; kWh/h; Voltage; KVAR; KVA; Amps; Demand; and Power Factor. Basic Power has created a table as well as extracted graphs from the Dranetz data files showing results comparing the BPU™ ON and the BPU™ OFF. The bottom line is that BPU™ showed significant reductions in power metrics that are reflected on the utility bill, and other metrics which support the efficacy of the data:

  • kW Reduced by 27%
  • KVA Reduced by 14%
  • Power Factor Improved by 14.5%