Case Studies

Lower Energy Consumption in a Commercial Building

Energy efficiency project - Texor case study

Customer: Texor – Shell Minuteman Carwash

Location: Elmhurst, IL

Date: December 2014

In October 2014 Texor deployed the BPU (Basic Power Unit) model C-208-2 power conditioning and neutralizing device at the Shell carwash. The BPU is patented technology that cleans and removes anomalies in the electric power supplying a facility.

The BPU provides the following capabilities:

  • Total Harmonic Reduction
  • Phase Balancing
  • Voltage Sag & Swell Correction
  • In-Rush Current Limiting
  • Whole Facility Lightning & Surge Protection (TVSS)

kWh consumption reduced: 15.29%

Average harmonics reduction: 14.50%

KW consumption and harmonics reductions are only few of the benefits provided by BPUTM.