The Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Appliances

How can BPU™ Save Electricity?

  • 8% to 20% kWh and kW Demand Usage Reduction
  • Payback in as little as 24 months
  • Connects in parallel through a breaker in your electrical panel. Can be installed without the need to switch power off to your equipment.*
  • Works with variable speed drives, LED lights and any existing power quality technology on site
  • Improves the performance and lifespan of your motors and compressors
  • Improves the performance of renewable energy systems when added to DC inverters
  • Provides lightning and transient surge suppression

* Local codes and permits may apply. Please consult a licensed electrician.

Basic power unit savings

Efficient Energy Solutions

The BPU™ monitors all of the electric power running throughout your facility, instantaneously correcting any sensed anomalies as they occur. The BPU™ provides the following capabilities to your power network:

  • kWh reduction
  • kW spike clipping
  • Voltage optimization
  • Harmonic filtration
  • Phase balancing
  • Phase angle alignment
  • Sag & surge mitigation
  • Surge & lightning suppression
  • Reduced maintenance on equipment

Read more about technology used in the BPU™.

A fully vetted and patented technology with additional domestic and international patents pending. The BPU™ complies with 508A and CSA C22.2 No. 12. The BPU is available in NEMA 4, 12 and 13 enclosures for indoor and outdoor installation.

The BPU™ is proven technology, check out how the BPU™ is working in different buildings.

See in Action
Waterworks - BPU in Action
BPU Does Not Use Power - The Impossible
Cobian Plaza - BPU in Action
Marriott Hotel - BPU in Action
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Setup for KW Reduction and Amps