Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Savings with BPU™

The BPU™ improves the poor power quality caused by harmonics, unbalanced phases, surges, and poor power factor and stores this wasted energy in the iterative transformer controller. The iterative transformer is able to capture and store and then recharge the capacitors that become the least resistive circuit. Thus, the loads will draw from the BPU™ first and then from the utility meter thereby reducing the kilowatts consumed. The patented electromagnetic theory practiced in the BPU™ iterative transformer provides for the storage and recharging of the capacitors.

Every other power conditioning filter on the market throws electrical noise away. That noise is power that you have already paid for but cannot use. Electrical noise is caused by computers, televisions, cell phone chargers, LED bulbs, switching power supplies and variable speed drives. What makes our technology unique, is the ability of our electromagnetic reactor to filter out all of the electrical noise , correct the distortion and supply it back to the building as useful power so there is no waste.

The BPU™ will clean up the noise from the rectifier/reactor creating the DC.

No. Our units do represent an electrical load but as the BPU™s magnetic core acts like a generator that load is not registered at the utility meter or on a power quality analyzer. We love showing this surprising effect during our installation.

BPU Does Not Use Power - The Impossible

In an unbalanced situation, Basic Power has seen the BPU™ balance up to 20 volts.

Voltage and current on the secondary side.

No. The BPU™ has built in protection due to the separate breaker in the panel and the breaker contained within the larger C models. Also, the BPU™ can be installed in parallel to a separate breaker in the panel without shutting down power to the facility.

Yes, a fully vetted and patented technology with additional domestic and international patents pending. The BPU complies with 508A and CSA C22.2 No. 12. The BPU is available in NEMA 4, 12 and 13 enclosures for indoor and outdoor installation.

BPU Patents

The BPU™ can be installed in approximately 2 hours by certified electrician. Please note that BPU™ requires optimal ground and breaker in your electric panel.

The BPU™ can be installed without the need to switch power off to your equipment. *

* Local codes and permits may apply. Please consult a licensed electrician.

Yes, full 10 Year Warranty and expected 25 Year Lifespan.

Typical ROI is 12-24 months, this number varies based on your energy consumption.

Yes the BPU™ is compatible with all other energy conservation and power quality measures, energy efficient equipment and technologies that have variable speed drives. The BPU™ can improve the performance of renewable energy systems by optimizing the digital AC waveform from the DC inverter and will correct harmonic distortion from LED lights and switching power supplies.

Just to summarize the main facts about what the BPU™ provides:

  • Lightning Surge Protection
  • Total Harmonic Reduction
  • Voltage Sag & Swell Correction
  • Phase Balancing
  • In-rush Current Limiting
  • 8% to 20% kWh and kW Demand Usage Reduction
  • Fast and easy installation, no disruption to your service
  • BPU™ requires optimal ground

Do you have any other questions, concerns?

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BPU Does Not Use Power - The Impossible
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